Welcome to the Veltroni’s files, in this section you will find the list of characters from Egregori.

This list and the characters information will be updated as the story progresses and as new data is discovered.


This troubled girl’s name is  Nail. Her father is  a Congressman and her mother is a refined lady.

The day I met her  something weird happened; it was like she was possessed by someone who knew my past.

I don’t know  what mystery this girl hides, but I am pretty sure, she is much more than she appears.






Senator Smith;  just mentioning his name, makes me sick.

His priority in life, is to advance in his political career. He will do anything it takes in order to get what he wants.










Eve Smith is a former student of Saint Paul’s, top of her class.

Currently she is a lecturer, the subject of her interest is “The Dead Sea Scrolls”.

Eve is marriaed to Senator Smith, and she has a child called Nail Smith.








Caroline Conners, is a top student in Saint Pauls.

Currently she is  Nail’s roommate, I truly hope, she is  a good influence for her.











Talking about the following subjects will not be easy, since I cannot prove what I suspect, they have powers beyond humans. If I was not that skeptical I should call them Angels.



Raphael  is now his name, but when I first met him, he was called Israfil.

He hasn’t been clear on what he wants from me, but I owe him big time.

Thinking out loud, he can be an “Archangel”, an Elite General, but for sure, he is hiding something.

“A new event has been add: <img src=”http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x473/admibocetos/Egregori/Lilith.png” alt=”" width=”279″ height=”370″ /> tells Nail he is  her father.”








The day I met Raphael, this guy was  next to him.

His name is Uriel. He is very quiet and doesn’t speak much, but I have seen him doing powerful things.

We could call him “the Angel of death”.










Armisael is the only “woman”. She behaves as a mighty warrior.  I can tell from an old encounter I witnessed.

I haven’t figured out yet why she is after Miss Smith.










Azrael is Armisael’s partner. He looks like a  tough guy-someone to be scared of.












He is called Barbiel, but he goes by Bill, What I know about him so far is that he has been trying very hard to capture Miss Smith.

I still haven’t figured out, who he works for or what he wants from Nail.










Zambriel is the big partner of Barbiel in his attempt to capture Nail.












Israfil’s lover.

Israfil tells Nail this mysterious woman is her real mother.